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Steve Milani
Port Moody
City Council

Putting Residents First!

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

My name is Steve Milani, and I am running for a position on Port Moody City Council in the upcoming municipal election. I was raised in Burnaby and moved to Port Moody with my wife twenty years ago as we thought it was the ideal place to raise a family. We now have three children aged 12, 17 and 20 and live in a house that we built right in the middle of Port Moody Centre, just a short walk from the picturesque Rocky Point Park where you can often find us jogging, cycling or just chilling! I've operated two successful small businesses for over 25 years working as both a 'Red Seal' Goldsmith and music professional, making the 'City of the Arts' the perfect place to call home.

I had my first interaction with City Hall while applying for the building permit to begin construction of our house. The first time I spoke in front of Council, long ago now, was to express opposition for then-Mayor Trasolini’s plan to purchase McBarge and dredge out the environmentally sensitive inlet to accommodate it; and I have provided public input to community issues on many other occasions as well, over the years since then. Shortly after moving into our new home, our new neighbours encouraged me to join the Moody Centre Community Association (MCCA), and I have been an active presence there, serving in recent years as a board director of the association. I am also a member of the Citizen Advisory Group. While I am concerned with all things Port Moody, I am especially passionate about addressing the needs and preserving the special qualities of the Moody Centre neighbourhood as the area enters a period of extensive redevelopment.

I am running in this election because I have become dissatisfied with how the current mayor and majority on Council have been putting our city on a path toward excessive construction and population growth in seemingly blatant disregard for the city’s Official Community Plan and the targets that were set in 2014, a path that, I believe, will cause detrimental harm to Moody Centre, which is slated to be a main focal point of development in the coming years.

The tipping point for me was when Council amended the OCP to allow for towers 26 storeys high instead of the previously permitted 12 storeys, in the Transit Oriented Development area of Moody Centre. A few months later, Council filed ‘OCP and Zoning Bylaw Amendment Applications’ for the Former Fire Hall and Current Works Yard Sites. They have wanted to rezone these city-owned-lands from ‘Public and Institutional’ to ‘Mixed Use’ as a precursor to what would most likely be a land sale. At the Public Hearing on April 10, 2018, I publicly stated, “I believe that it would be in the best interest of Port Moody residents for the city to maintain ownership of these strategically located properties to ensure that they are better able to meet the demands for amenities of both current and future Port Moody residents, improving their quality of life. To sell these properties off at this stage of the city’s growth would be nothing short of irresponsible.” And now, here we are, with the Council and City attempting to win a referendum vote in favor of selling off the public’s last significant parcels of land, to generate short-term cash. This is not the kind of thinking that we need from our City Council, so it is time for a change of leadership.

We need a fresh, well thought out plan (O.C.P.) in place to guide Port Moody as it grows, one that ensures we will retain our unique character and charm. I have the time, energy and drive to take on the role of Councillor and plan on putting residents first, not developers.


Steve Milani

Email Steve: info@stevemilani.ca 

The Platform

Smart Growth!

Countless hours of community consultation goes into creating an OCP (Official Community Plan), let's respect it. We need to 'stay on track' so that we do not exceed our ambitious growth target of 50,000 residents by the year 2040. Development is good, as long as it adds to the quality of life for Port Moody residents, rather than detract from it. That means NO wall of towers from Ioco Road to Barnet Highway! Let the community decide its future, not the developers. We need things that really matter to the community like affordable rentals, housing for seniors and daycare; it's time to get creative!

Amazing Amenities!

With our population continually increasing, there is no question that we will have to expand our current civic facilities. We must maintain ownership of the 'old firehall' site and 'public works-yard' to ensure that we can meet the needs of both present and future Port Moody residents by providing amazing amenities! Let's get some community input so see what residents are looking for. It could be a new library, seniors centre, creative space for artists, Parkour park or maybe even an indoor pool!

Gorgeous Parks!

We love our parks, both big and small, so let's both protect and add to them. If we don't increase density at the end of Ioco Road to appease developers, there won't be a need for a new road through Bert Flinn Park, allowing it to remain in its natural state for all to enjoy. Any future redevelopment of the 'old mill' site on our waterfront should incorporate a beautiful continuation of Rocky Point Park as part of its design.

Live | Work | Play

Growth is generally accompanied by an increase in traffic so moving forward let's design our city to lessen this nasty side-effect. Let's make it a place where we can not only live and play but also work, lessening the commute and increasing the quality of life. How do we do this? Well for starters, we must not rezone all of our commercial and industrial properties to make way for more condos. Strategic and well thought out planning is the key .  


“As a long-time resident of both Port Moody and Moody Centre – a neighbourhood that will be at the epicentre of our city’s downtown redevelopment – Steve Milani brings a fresh, candid eye and an important neighbourhood perspective to the big growth and development issues that will dominate the agenda of the next City Council. He’ll make a good addition that enhances the needed balance of voices on Council.” Hunter Madsen, City Councillor, Port Moody

 “I’ve been impressed by Steve’s engagement in the key issues facing Port Moody today.  He's stepped forward as a concerned resident to demonstrate a firm grasp of what makes for a sustainable community here.  With his warmth, pragmatism, and deep roots in our city, Steve will make an excellent addition to council.” Rick Glumac, Former Port Moody City Councillor. 

Moody in a Minute!

Steve presents to Council, his thoughts on the sale of our Public Lands during Public Input.

Steve presents to Council, his thoughts on a new development proposal during Public Input.

Steve presents to Council, his thoughts on increasing the maximum number of stories permitted in the TOD from 12 to 26.

Steve presents to Council, his thoughts on developers trying to access your tax dollars!

Woodland Park Townhomes IS for sale!

The sale of this two hundred townhome development could potentially effect hundreds of families! We need to talk about this!

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